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NIS Releases List of Countries Nigerian Passport Holders can Visit Without a Visa (see bitcoin review)


HURRAH!!! I know many of us can not wait for the Christmas holidays begin, so we can have time fore our loved ones, go shopping or even travel abroad for a break, away from our busy lifestyle in Nigeria.

Well if you are one of those considering going for holiday abroad, and you are skeptical about queuing for a visa, only to be denied; you need not worry, as there are free and cheaper countries to visit with your Nigerian International Passport. click below to view the countries

As a bearer of the 57th most useful passport in the world, there are 44 countries around the world where you can travel to as a Nigerian passport holder without a visa. While some may require you to get a visa on arrival, others are completely without any visa. And not just some African countries, some Oceania and Asia countries are included on the list.

Click the link below to view the list

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  2. Where is the list of the countries here?

  3. Where is the list here

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  6. please post them we are not inform of anythin. information is power

  7. Where is the list?

  8. The only thing you can do with Nigeria passport now is to open a bank account. Nothing else.
    Imagine even ordinary Taiwan doesn’t look at the passport not to talk of accepting it now

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  10. you are just pulling our legs

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  16. Please where are the list of countries

  17. Stephen Olayinka Olarewaju

    What the name of those country s

  18. Stephen Olayinka Olarewaju

    What are those country, that does not need visa in Nigeria passport

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  20. Where is the list please!

  21. Where is the list please,? I can’t see it! Update on on my email via linkhi

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  25. Send the list of the countries where I can use my passport without visa

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